More like extreme laziness coupled with a hectic couple of weeks. We've definitely neglected our online responsibilities here over at the Studio Lapin household. Shame on us.

But I promise, we will start updating regularly again. Nose bonks from the bunnies for now.


Le Sigh

It never ceases to amaze me how much my love for the bunnies grow. I find that they really are quite in tune with my feelings. Of course, they do not show it all the time. But when they really want to express themselves, it's very hard not to notice.

They binky, thump, purr, nose bonk, head nudge, toss, dig, and lick. They do so many things to tell me what's on their minds and what they want. They are so expressive and they constantly surprise me with new things.

I felt such warmth last week when I was very sick. I was laying on the couch in between vomit trips. Jelly Bean sat with me on the couch the entire afternoon with HD standing by as if on guard. I felt so touched. I spent an hour laying next to HD. What did HD do? Lay his head on my head. Every time another bunny came along, he chased them away. Oh my little hero.

Tonight, I got in another fight with DV. The fight in itself was not that bad. But I guess everyone has their limits. And I am on the brink of mine. And I think HD knows it. He's been constantly licking my face. He's standing on guard again with his head resting against my knee.

Tulip seems to know too. She's been sitting at my toes and refuses to move away. Jelly's been doing lick duty. She alternates between me, Tulip, and HD.

Billy is being his usual self. Asleep in torpedo mode. Toby is in his cage, away from all the action.

*sigh* I love my bunnies. They will never break my heart.

My bunny guards: Jelly, Tulip, and Hot Dog.



Spring is here!

Sort of. Still a few days to go until it is official.

Spent the morning to errands with my mother and a cousin who's on March break.
We were pleasantly surprised with the weather. Bright & Sunny with little clouds in the sky.
The car's thermometer told me it was 14.5 degrees Celsius.

Oh what nice hanging out weather. So that is exactly what we did.

The bunnies took their first trip outside. Their first of 2010.
Toby's very first at the Studio Lapin household.

Here's Toby with this brand new leash jacket. It looks AWESOME on him!
One sexy bunny he is!

The bunnies congregate and discuss plans of escape!

Both Jelly and Tulip enjoy the warm afternoon sun.

Billy looks smashing in his blue harness.

Tulip finally out for a run after patiently waiting for everyone else to go first.
And there's my monstrous foot.

And of course, wherever Jelly is, licking ensues.
Toby: Jelly, I love it when you lick me.

Billy's trying to make a run for it!

The bunnies rest in the shade for a little while.
Where's Hot Dog?!

Toby decided it was time to strut his stuff on the grassway.

Look at fine and cute bum!

More bunny bums!

Tulip is pooped.

I think all the buns are.

Time to go home. ZZzZzzzzz


Green Fashion Show

So it's just after dinner time, and the bunnies thought it would be nice to put on a little fashion show for us humans.

Jelly Bean starts us off with her fabulous parsley tiara.

Here's Hot Dog showing us how it's done with this carrot top hat.

Billy wows us with his crown of parsley.

Toby shows us that a kale beret is the hot accessory of the season.

And Tulip completes the show with her carrot top headpiece.

This brought to you by the Haus of Studio Lapin.

And We're Back!

After a long and unexpected hiatus, we are back and running.

Let's do a quick run through:
1. Toby came down with an eye infection & appetite problems
2. Tulip is having tummy issues that came with constant runny poops.
3. Boyfriend DV caught the stomache flu from a co-worker.
4. Then I caught the what DV had after taking care of him.

On the bright side, everyone seems to be better now. Almost at 100%.

So it appears that all the bunnies love oranges, especially the boys.

Guess who I found snooping around the newspaper bin.

"Someone put me in here, I swear!" Billy says.

I believe Toby is starting to really find his place here at his new home. He's much less shy about eating. And he has no problems wandering his space and strutting his stuff. Hopefully he will starting bonding with the boys. *fingers cross*


Bunny Fail!

Just when I thought HD was doing SO well, I found this on the floor:

But I guess 4.5 days without ripping it out is good? Right?

Upon further inspection, it seems that a lot of fur was tugged out. Poor Hot Dog.
It must have hurt when he tore it off. I guess the little guy deserves a cranberry.

Lots o Grey furs!

Tulip inspects the stinky feets bandages.
Disapproval ensued.

Hoppy Tuesday?

It's been a weird couple of hours at the Studio Lapin household.

I was called into work in the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately, "work" was just 2 floors a way in the studio in the basement. So I crawled out of the hearth that is my bed and managed to slither my way down to the ice fortress of a studio. Did some "emergency editing work", and crawled back to bed at around 8am.

The bunnies weren't too happy on account of being woken up in the middle of the night either. Their area is right outside the studio. I was graciously greeted with a thump.

Now I have a massive migraine. Fantastic.

On a high note, HD seems to be behaving extremely well. It's day 5 and his bandages are still on. Of course, there's a nibble here and there. But hey, if it were me, I'd probably do the same thing.

Anywho, the buns papa is going away on a business trip tonight to Princeton, NJ. We all wish you a safe journey. And we anxiously await for your return home. We will definitely be greeting you with lots of snorgles, hugs, kisses, and of course, your favourite, food. =p


Billy says om nom nom.